Gràfiques Ortells awarded on the 62nd edition of the Concurs del Gremi d'Arts Gràfiques
Last 10th June it took place in the CaixaForum building in Barcelona the prize awards ceremony of the 62nd edition of the Concurs d'Arts Gràfiques, organized by the Gremi d'Arts Gràfiques, where Gràfiques Ortells was given the prize "best offset-printed-book" for its book "El Japonisme".
Gràfiques Ortells carries out a social project with AccióNatura and Sagrada Família de Viladecans School
Last 3rd June we have finished our project named "supportive notebooks", which we have carried out with two other entities. Its aim is to develop the corporate responsibility as well as to promote a social labour. The design of the front covers of the notebooks has been done by the students of the Sagrada Família de Viladecans School, and its topic has been the conference which Acciónatura had done about the conservation of the "ós bru del Pirineu" (Brown bear from the Pyrenees). Such conference was aimed to explain the students the importance, history and biology of this protected species from Catalonia.
Gràfiques Ortells updates its commitment to the Agenda21 project

On 11th December it took place in the Ajuntament de Barcelona the 2012-2022 Citizen Sustainabilty Commitment' Signature Act. Gràfiques Ortells signed the Initiative for a more equitable, successful and self-sufficient city. Such initiative was initially inspired in the UN Agenda21 global project, aimed to address the arising environmental problems due to human activity.

Gràfiques Ortells is awarded with a prize in the 61th edition of the Concurs d'Arts Gràfiques
Last 3rd May Gràfiques Ortells was given a prize in the prize award ceremony of the Concurs d'Arts Gràfiques. It took place in the emblematic Pedrera (Barcelona). Such recognition was made to the "catálogo Chillida", designed by Carlota Marquina.
Gràfiques Ortells updates the FSC certification
Last 30th April Gràfiques Ortells updated its commitment with the environment. With the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), it is certifed that all the wood used in our production process comes from woods which have been adequately treated and where all the manufacturing process has been correctly assessed referring to its environmental impact.
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