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More than 60 years at your complete disposal.

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Founded in 1945 by Humbert Ortells

Our company has its origins in 1945, when it was founded by Humbert Ortells. Nowadays, it is an Offset printing workshop with professional experience, whose origins started in Gràcia (neighbourhood of Barcelona).

The main activity at that time was to do manual work as well as book binding; it wasn’t until some years later that the printing impression as established. At that moment, the company bought 2 manual Minervas, an automatic Minerva and the necessary elements to do typographic composition. We then worked on several types of projects, such as receipt books, envelopes, letters, etc.

In 1962 Offset is adopted as the new printing technique, thanks to the purchase of 2 small printing machines. This period was decisive because Offset was just starting. Moreover, there were lots of problems, which requested imaginative staff to cope with all the difficulties which constantly were coming up.

During the next period and until the generation shift (1998) the company adapted to the new necessities of the market with bigger printing formats. To do it, Gràfiques Ortells bought 2 other printing machines, one of one color and the other of two colors. This evolution allowed us to produce higher quality products, and therefore to get more clients, especially from the publicity world.In 1988 we find the generation shift, and with it, the change to limited company (the company changed its name as well to GRÀFIQUES ORTELLS, SL.). At that time the business also changed its place, and moved to Sant Andreu (neighbourhood of Barcelona), a necessary change to face the lack of space, which also led to a logistic.

Efficiency improvement

In 1996, we made some changes in order to get more technology and adapt the production to the new market standards. We then introduced a 4 color automatic printing machine, in order to cover the increase in the demand of products. Later, we bought in 2000 a new machine, which was one of the first ones in the city. It helped us improve our competitiveness. This technology enabled us to do new complex projects that otherwise couldn’t have been done. Examples of it are exposition books, art galleries brochures, complex leaflets, amongst others.

We have been working since then with the same strategy, and we have kept investing on new technology, such as a 5 color + veneer printing machine or other machines to fold or mould. In the department that works on design (before printing) we have added a data flow based on PDF standard, which can be controlled from JPF (complete automation of the graphic cycle): a scenario ready for a new challenge, keep on offering high quality products which make a difference.

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Innovation and illusion for well done work..

We always try to put in every single project all the effort we can make to get the best product. The long experience we have got throughout the years makes our products have unique features that certainly make a difference. We try to put at the client’s disposal a high technology and our experience in order to get the best results.

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We can guarantee the best quality to achieve the best product.

We have been awarded with several prizes during the last decades. This fact is what makes us reliable, and what keeps us working in order to keep on improving and giving excellent results.

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We can guarantee the best quality to achieve the best product.
Download 2012 Environmental Statement

We have been given the ISO 14001 certificate by ENAC, and we try to protect the environment in every operation we carry out. We do control all the wastes which are produced, and we are responsible for them. Furthermore, we always ask for the same commitment with the environment to our suppliers, which is a basic feature they have to have if they want to work with us.

  The FSC Certification (Forest Stewardship Council Certification) is a system whose main aim is to follow all the steps wood passes through: from its extraction from the forest, passing through its processing, transformation, transportation and distribution as a product until it arrives to the consumer.

This Certification guarantees our clients that all the wood our products have been made from comes from well managed woodlands and where there is a thorough control during all the transformation process. Therefore, this accreditation ensures the consumer that the product comes from certificated raw materials.

Our FSC number is SGS-COC-007502. This certificate can be checked in the FSC official webpage:
  ISO 14001 environmental management system certificate, with the number ES11/10799, includes the activities plan, the responsibilities, the processes, the procedures and the resources, which need to be developed, implanted and revised in order to keep up to date the environmental policy.
sostenible   We are an organization member of the “Citizen Commitment for sustainability in Barcelona” signatories’ network. We carry out several actions in order to contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the Commitment within our activity area, and we make them public. We also participate in projects with other organizations. The network includes associations, foundations, companies, universities, professional groups, unions, local entities, etc.

The “Citizen Commitment for sustainability in Barcelona 2012-2022: for a more equal, prosperous and self-sufficient Barcelona” is a shared project as well as a reference framework for any organization willing to contribute to improve sustainability. The Commitment is set in a strategic document, organized in 10 principal objectives, each of one describing 10 lines of action to carry out during the period 2012-2022.

The document was created in 2012 in a process that involved the organizations of the “Citizen Commitment for sustainability in Barcelona” signatories’ network. Therefore, it is a second generation project that addresses unsolved problems as well as tackles new challenges for the city, and which still maintains strong support from different entities of the city.
Torrent Estadella, 42-44, Nau 3 - 08030 Barcelona
Tel. 93 498 75 75 - Fax 93 498 75 76